Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


October 2018

Random Acts

So I wrote the post about my brother, which I needed to do, and afterward, I needed to get out and stretch my legs and my mind and my spirit.  I decided to return to our local hiking spot, thinking... Continue Reading →

Increments of Five

Why is it that we give monument to increments of five? Why do five and ten hold more weight than three or seven?  The fifth anniversary of my brother's death just passed and five years feels impossible.  I have this... Continue Reading →

Barren Magazine

Barren Magazine has exploded onto the literary scene with a creative force that is unstoppable.  In just three issues, they have published some of the best contemporary poetry, fiction and non fiction, I have ever read,  by some of my... Continue Reading →

Dodging the Rain

I am super excited and honored to have 3 of my poems in Dodging the Rain today.    My huge thanks go out to poetry editor Neil Slevin! I don't usually write much about my poems after they are published;... Continue Reading →

Hiking, Hollywood Style

I have been blank lately, the poet who can't seem to write any new poems. It is incredible how much weight fills up the blank space, how I feel it not only in my mind, but through my limbs and... Continue Reading →


Some days the act of breathing seems almost impossible.  The weight of my choices sits heavy in the pit of my throat and I am pulled into the roots of suffering.  I wear my defeat like skin.  The room is... Continue Reading →

The Return of Darkness

I have been away,  under the skin of darkness.  I intended to bring along pen and paper, do a bit of blood-letting, record my thoughts; instead, I brought a bottle, numbed out and dreamed of becoming  someone else.  I curled... Continue Reading →

Best of the Net

I got an amazing surprise last night!  My dark little poem, "Stiff Trigger" has been nominated, by editors Kendall and Christina Bell from Chantarelle's Notebook, for  Best of the Net!  This is a huge honor and I am so grateful.... Continue Reading →

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