I have been blank lately, the poet who can’t seem to write any new poems. It is incredible how much weight fills up the blank space, how I feel it not only in my mind, but through my limbs and on my skin.  That said, I decided to stretch my legs, go to my usual hiking spot, hopefully leave my head behind.  

It is a long walk to the actual canyon gate; about 2 miles up hill, and the last bit is the steepest. I was at the final stretch, the gate just ahead, and two cars raced up behind me.  It is unusual to see cars on this part of the hill, there is no parking and no vehicle access.  And these cars were motoring, desperate.

The first car, an old brown Camry, stopped right in front of the gate, the driver got out and started running, as if his life depended on it.  A white van, which looked like an Amazon delivery van, screeched to a stop behind the Camry, and that driver got out and took off, chasing the first guy.  Next, a big black pick up truck screeched up the hill, followed by a beige mini van, a dark blue Honda sedan, a silver Echo and at least 2 more cars.  Something was clearly up, something I wanted no part of, so I turned around and walked quickly back down the hill, the driver of the black pick up truck, staring at me out of his window, as if to tell me I was making the right choice, to get the fuck out.

On my walk down the hill, I began to hear sirens in the distance and a helicopter started circling.  Some new cars raced past me, up the hill, toward the action. Some of the cars that had been up at the canyon gate drove back down, speeding to another entrance a few blocks away.  They were not going to let the Camry guy get away.  It was a hunt and I was walking down the center fucking divider of it.

I picked up my pace.  I wanted to get the hell out of the middle of  the chaos, home to my babies, safe behind a locked door.  I cleared the danger zone and slowed just slightly to watch the helicopter tightly circling the canyon, as the sirens echoed in the hills.  All I wanted was to clear my head, maybe commune with nature for an hour or so, but I didn’t even make it off the pavement.  Just another day in Hollywood. At least I got a little story out of it.