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In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


September 2018

Poet Tree

To anyone who knows me, it is no secret that I am huge fan of the poet, Jonathan Humble. I was thrilled to read his exquisite poem in the highly anticipated second issue of Barren Magazine.

Jonathan Humble's Stuff ... a poetry blog


Very pleased to have a poem in the second issue of Barren Magazine today, wonderfully illustrated by the photography of Matthew Yates. The online publication was due out on October 1st, but it was released early to the overwhelming approval of the growing number of folk who are aware of its existence. My own contribution Forty Years On looks back at an attack on a young ash tree and what it triggers as a result; a bit personal this one but it feels OK to share.


As an aside, I am very flattered by the positive feedback from my two favourite US poets (I hope they know who they are) and I would like them to realise how much their encouragement has meant at a time when confidence in what I’m writing has been wavering ever so slightly. Thank you : ) xx

barren1.jpgForty Years On

Walking in snow towards…

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Pedestals of Glass

It feels a bit strange to be dropping in, posting a bit of poetry and curling back into my solitude, but here I am doing just that.  Although I have been missing all of the amazing writing and support that comes from this strange and wonderful WP world, I am taking some much needed time to immerse myself in collections of poetry, by wonderful writers such as Steve Denehan (just started reading his collection and you should too), and trying to get inspired to write my own collection, while continuing to learn more about the craft of writing poetry.

All of that said, I can’t resist a challenge and even during my hiatus, I can’t keep myself away from Visual Verse and TLT.  This month’s Visual Verse image was very provocative and brought about some gorgeous writing from some of my favorite contemporary writers.  If you are interested in reading my contribution to the challenge, you can do so here.

If you haven’t participated in Visual Verse, give it a go next month.  It is super fun!

Winners of the Haiku Contest!

The results of the super fun Haiku Challenge from Vita Brevis are in! Congratulations to Hélène Vaillant on her gorgeous winning haiku! I am thrilled to have found this wonderfully supportive and talented community!

Vita Brevis Press

Quick Announcements

You’re the best! I’m glad everyone enjoyed our second Haiku contest, and I’d like to personally thank all of you who left such thoughtful responses on other submitters’ haiku–that’s what this is really about. We all know how good it feels to receive feedback on our work. Good on you for giving that to others, and thanks for making this so fun!

I’d like to recognize a few honorable mentions before announcing the “winning” haiku:

Six (of many) Notable Mentions:

Submitted by Spiral Artist

The Nudity of Bandages
Heart in my wounded hand,
she bares her skin and shivers:
such grace in old scars.

Submitted by  Christopher Perry

On Autumn
Dry leaves falling
Silently on sunlit church
Tears cleanse the path home

Submitted by Poetry Science

On this Earth
On this earth I’ve found
In even bitter winters
A warm summer’s day.

Submitted by floweringink

I swallow…

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Rust + Moth

I can’t deny it.  The day I got this particular acceptance, I cried.  I had submitted to Rust + Moth so many times and when the email came in that they had accepted my poem, I was in disbelief.  I still am.  Rust + Moth, in my opinion, is publishing some of the best contemporary poetry online and in print, and to have my work sit alongside that of so many writers I admire, is an absolute honor. The Autumn issue is incredible, full of poems that have left me breathless and in tears.   If you would like to, you can read my poem, here.

Poet Profile: An Interview with Walt Page

An Interview with the Wonderful Tennessee Poet!

Vita Brevis Press

Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine Submit Poem

Walt Page

A Brief Bio: Walt Page, “The Tennessee Poet”, is a romantic old rock drummer, musician, USAF veteran and an open heart surgery survivor. He has been published on Vita Brevis, Visual Verse and Slasher Monster Magazine. Walt lives in the Tennessee country with his wife Susan, 2 horses, and 9 rescue dogs.

Tell me about your blog, Walt’s Writings:

WP: I started Walt’s Writings On Life in 2017 after going through several months of recovery and cardiac rehab after my open heart surgery. I was limited in what the doctors would let me do, so I decided to start writing again. My friend Google pointed me to WordPress, and after I read more about it, I decided to use it for a blog about the things going on in my life. At first, I wasn’t writing much poetry, but once I discovered that the poems I posted…

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Comment-a-Haiku Poetry Contest! – Submit Your Poem

Even on Hiatus, I can’t resist a challenge. I love this kind of thing. Super fun. Give it a try!

Vita Brevis Press

You all loved the last Comment-a-Haiku Competition, so let’s give it another go! Here’s What You Need to Know:

Support Us Here.

Vita Brevis  is hosting another four-day haiku competition– taking place entirely in the comment section of  this post!

How to Submit:

1. Submit one 5-7-5 haiku as a comment on this post — all topics welcome

2. Reblog this post on your blog or write a post announcing that you’ve entered the competition, linking back here

3. Give good feedback on other commenters’ work! [This is what it’s really about–you’ll be receiving good feedback, so try to give it to others as well]

Reward: Honestly, this is less about “winning” and more about meeting and communicating with other poets.But we will choose some honorable mentions, and we’ll publish our favorite haiku on the front page of our online poetry magazine (with a link to the poet’s blog)

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I long for weightlessness, for a reprieve from sadness and rage.  I long to be a better, nicer, more patient person.  I long for the quiet. I long to be kind in my heart and not just in my words.  I long to be someone who isn’t me, who isn’t covered in the debris of fuck-ups, who isn’t fat and overflowing with ugliness.   I long for the courage to end it all.   I won’t.   Continue reading “Weightless”


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