Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


losing your sight

I Should Be Over the Moon

I recently saw my retinal specialist, who told me that my vision  remains stable.  I have had stable vision now for about 7 years, and I know that in the world of RP I am extremely lucky.  And, that piece... Continue Reading →


I am silenced by grief, by shadows and blindness and the infernal heat wave that coats my city like an itchy, heavy blanket.  In my mind I am a writer, but in reality, I feel myself coming unhinged.  I try... Continue Reading →


I have been away from my creative self for so very long; consumed by grief and struggling under the weight of loss.  For almost three years I have been defined by illness and death.  I assumed the roles of watcher... Continue Reading →


When you have RP, you literally become one of the walking wounded.  Walls, chairs, tables, foot stools, fire hydrants, small children, shopping carts, wet floor signs, shoes, cupboard doors, store mannequins and so much more, jump out at you from... Continue Reading →


For years now, I haven't been able to see my toenails.  I have cut them by touch, but I often cut them so short they bleed, or so jagged that they tear holes in my socks.  I have felt ashamed... Continue Reading →

Removing Distractions

When you are hopelessly undisciplined like I am, you eventually have to remove the distractions that you have clung to so desperately.  So, today I unplugged from Facebook and Etsy and the games on my iPhone.  I decided that it... Continue Reading →


I have always lived under a veil of darkness, so it seems fitting to me that I am going blind.  Even as a child I drifted toward sadness.  When I was six, I was asked by my teacher to write... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Blossom

There are so many things that have to be done to prepare for bringing a puppy home. The house has to be puppy proofed so she won't get into cupboards she shouldn't and all the necessities have to be purchased,... Continue Reading →


My footprint is heavy With the weight of a life wasted Overflowing with the stagnant debris of failures The path before me is obscured By the pitch of blindness Riddled with the trickery of memory A false and ancient confidence... Continue Reading →

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