Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.



Honoring Writers – Suzanne Craig – Whytock

I have come across so many talented, kind and generous writers during my time on WP; I am proud to be a part of such an incredible community. There are so many of you who I want to write about, to honor for your spirit and your work, I could write a post every day for the entirety of my time in the blogging world.

Today, I want to write about Suzanne Craig – Whytock. Suzanne is the real deal in every way. She makes us all laugh every week with her blog, My Dang Blog, she has written 2 novels, Smile and The Dome, countless short stories, and now her first poem, Dryad, has been published. She has incredible range and depth, and to top off her immeasurable talent, she is a kind, generous, supportive and absolutely lovely woman. She also has purple hair, which gives her that super cool awesomeness factor!

As a writer myself, there are writers who I can’t help but be in awe of, writers who teach me and make me want to be better; Suzanne is one of those writers. Her range is something I believe to be a rare gift; a person who can so seamlessly go from writing humor, to fiction, to poetry, and do all of it well, is extraordinary. As someone who aspires to write fiction, I look to Suzanne’s mastery of story telling, and it inspires me. As a poet, I can’t help but love the dreamlike quality of her poems, which are also beautifully crafted. As far as the humor, I just want her to keep writing her blog so I can keep laughing every Sunday!

Thank you, Suzanne, for everything you write and for all of the wonderful things you bring to the lives of so many! I am proud to know you!

In A Word

I am not here. Really. I am taking a break, working on (now 2 projects) with March 15 deadlines, but I read something yesterday that I absolutely had to share.

Suzanne Craig-Whytock, is, in a word, AMAZING!!!! You may know her as the creator and writer of My Dang Blog, the woman who brings laugh out loud humor into our lives every Sunday.  Suzanne has also written 2 YA novels and yesterday had a story published in the first issue of Slippage Lit.  As I read her story, “Perfect Food”, tears streamed down my cheeks, time stopped.  In the story there is sadness, hope and despair, tragedy and kindness, and it does all of this without fanfare.  It is a story that doesn’t try to hard, just gives you absolutely everything, with perfect rhythm and language.  It is perfectly Beautiful! It is a pleasure to read everything Suzanne writes, and I know everyone will love this story just as much as we all love her Sunday offerings of humor.

Suzanne, you are my Hero!!!!!

Ships and Travelers and Feathers

I am overcome with emotion and joy today at the publication of my dear friend, Sarah Doudna’s poetry and fiction in the current issue of Mojave Heart Review.  Sarah’s voice is saturated with  a richness of clarity and an aching honesty.  She is one of my favorite writers and one of my favorite people.

Read and enjoy her story, The Ship, and her poem, Traveler.

In addition to being a brilliant writer, Sarah is also a ballet dancer and teacher, and you can find her on her blog, On the Way to the Barre.

Sarah, you inspire me to be a better, more courageous person and writer.  I am so grateful for you. You are kicking some serious ass, BB!!!!  I am so thrilled for you and so proud of you!!!!

Stretching my Voice

I write because it is how my brain translates life.  I write fiction because I want to stretch my voice and try new things.  I write non fiction because I want to tell my story in ways that will hopefully reach more people.  I write poetry because it is my breath; it is what flows most naturally from my pen.

For me, poetry is the ultimate expression and exercise of language. It is the bones, the blood and the heart, uncovered and untethered.  Poetry is about the extraordinary power of words and the impact of profound simplicity.  When I write poetry,  all of my emotions are electrified; my euphoria burns brighter and my frustrations cut deeper.  Poetry can give life to the magic and the strength of a single word; it can transform an image just by putting the right two words together.  I have spent weeks trying to find one word for a single poem.  Obviously, it gets me excited.

Although poetry will always be what I turn to first, as a writer, I have discovered how much strength and power exists in all forms of writing. Before “Stories from the Edge of Blindness”, I only wrote poetry, but now I see that I was limiting my voice.  I have found that exploring different kinds of writing has uncovered how nuanced and varied my writing can be.  I feel as if I have a different voice for each style of writing, a different way of expressing myself that gives me creative freedom in ways I never knew existed.  It is as if I have knocked down the walls of a room I had stitched myself into, and now I can look at myself and the world in a more comprehensive way.

I am not saying I become a completely different person when I am writing in different styles; I have and always will veer toward the darkness, but I have found that when I am writing non fiction, I can lend myself more to a kind of sarcastic wit (sometimes), and write with a voice that feels more like every day life.  I have just started writing fiction and honestly, when I do it, I feel like I am floating; I can look down at nothing and slowly add color and shape and texture.  My fiction voice is still a whisper, but I am looking forward to what I will find as it becomes louder.

I think, most importantly, I have found the breadth of the magic and power that is language.  I am discovering new writers, many of them bloggers, who are showing me what incredible things language can do.  In a single morning of reading others blog posts, I can find myself, laughing and crying, feeling still and contemplative or being completely swept away.  I know that without being a reader, I cannot be a writer; I am grateful to all of the writers that transform my life every day and inspire me to delve more deeply into my own craft.

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