Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


Blind Memoir


RP has thrown me into a life of leisure.  It sounds decadent,  but has felt confusing and burdensome.  It has been a struggle for me to brush off the restraints of socialization and embrace the time that RP has afforded me.... Continue Reading →

Pillars and White Canes

I am a walking disaster. The bruises on my arm and hand and legs, and the bump on my head, remind me that I can't just walk through the world as if I am graceful, as if I can see.... Continue Reading →

Poetry and Blindness

  I realize that I am a rubbish blogger, tweeter, instagrammer and facebooker.  I go along feeling as if I have just written a blog post and when I visit my site, I find it has been months since I... Continue Reading →

Re- Emergence

It feels like hundreds of years since I have visited my own blog.  My bones should have become brittle and my hair stark white.  I will forever be in the waiting game, but this time, I return to this blog... Continue Reading →


I am silenced by grief, by shadows and blindness and the infernal heat wave that coats my city like an itchy, heavy blanket.  In my mind I am a writer, but in reality, I feel myself coming unhinged.  I try... Continue Reading →


I have been away from my creative self for so very long; consumed by grief and struggling under the weight of loss.  For almost three years I have been defined by illness and death.  I assumed the roles of watcher... Continue Reading →


For years now, I haven't been able to see my toenails.  I have cut them by touch, but I often cut them so short they bleed, or so jagged that they tear holes in my socks.  I have felt ashamed... Continue Reading →


My footprint is heavy With the weight of a life wasted Overflowing with the stagnant debris of failures The path before me is obscured By the pitch of blindness Riddled with the trickery of memory A false and ancient confidence... Continue Reading →

Fragile Threads

Life is always hanging by such fragile threads and I find myself carefully maneuvering through the tangled web they weave.  Always living in a whisper and treading ever so softly, so as not to upset the balance.  I am a... Continue Reading →

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