Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.



Chantarelle’s Notebook

I have been absent, from here, from my life and my writing. For now, breathing is about the best I can do and poetry is the only thing I have to share.

I haven’t written or submitted much at all this year, so I am thrilled to have 2 poems in Chantarelle’s Notebook today. If you would like, you can read them here.

Had to Share

So I was perusing the most current issue of Visual Verse this morning and came across this brilliant piece written by my friend Basilike Papa, the author of the blog Silent Hour. Her writing always inspires me. She weaves words in a way that is so uniquely and beautifully hers; it is like magic.

From The Hungry Chimera

It has been interesting, and a bit strange, resurrecting my older poems for the Recorded Poetry Series I started on YouTube.  Although I hope I have grown as a writer and will continue to grow and evolve, the earlier poems, I think, create a foundation that I am grateful for.  It can be enlightening to revisit beginnings, hold them gently and thoughtfully in your hand, rather than tear them apart.

This poem, published in the second issue of The Hungry Chimera, is called, “Paper Bag Dance”.  You can read it and the entire second issue here.  This is an exquisitely beautiful journal that I am proud to have been a part of.

Paper Bag Dance

City life enshrouds the girl in a paper bag.
She tucks herself in tightly
and shrinks from the onslaught of strangers
who walk briskly and have no eyes.
They rush through the grind,
living without the hesitation
that is born of curiosity.
She stumbles past shops,
staring into frosted panes and
disappears into her own reflection.
Waltzing behind the glass with a
stranger whose scent she longs to inhale,
she is liquid and light on her feet.
She reaches out to caress the strangers gown,
but her fingers press hard against
the brittle paper bag.



My Husband is a Genius

I am super excited!  I have a WEBSITE, an actual website with pictures and everything!  I feel like a real grown up writer, and the best part of it is that my husband, Joe, imagined, designed and created it.  He is a genius who has made me look much more impressive than I could ever be.

Joe has made websites for writers, chefs, doctors and safety professionals. He has true range and talent.  He will be officially opening his business this summer, so if you need an amazing website, or know anyone who does, he is your guy!!!!

Slipping Beneath Time – Recorded Version

My friend Basilike, a brilliantly unique, beautiful and evocative writer, who authors the blog Silent Hour, suggested that I record my most recent Visual Verse contribution, “Slipping Beneath Time”, as part of my recorded poetry series.  I posted the recording on my YouTube page this morning.  If you would like to subscribe to my page, you can do so here.  If you would like to read the poem with the VV image that inspired it, you can do so here.


Slipping Beneath Time

If I slip beneath time, race back to seventeen,
will you stay with me,
spreading poppies on the wind with your laugh,
singing me awake on birthday mornings?
If I smudge out history, pluck the weeds
that death scattered between twenty and thirty,
will you save me,
pull me from the bottom of a bottle,
shatter it against the sky?
If I step into the sun, turn willingly toward fifty,
will you see me,
youth pouring over my fingertips
as the light is wiped from my eyes?

©Susan Richardson 2019


Feet of Clay

The next poem in my recorded poetry series is another one from Wildflower Muse, published it 2016.  It is called, “Feet of Clay” and can be read here, if you’d like to read it.

If you are interested in listening to more poems, you can subscribe to my YouTube here.


The Weight of Tears

My world is crumbling right now.  I will write about it one day…..not today.  I am not very present.  I am sorry.  For now, I will share my March Visual Verse poem, which I didn’t submit to them on time, apparently, but felt like sharing here.


The Weight of Tears

You are a slice of bone
Piercing the moon
A light behind my eye
That reminds me I was loved
And makes me ache
I dreamt you were the night sky
Watching over me
Sprinkling stardust on my cheeks
To soften the weight of my tears
When they lowered you into the ground
I knew the earth could never keep you
Buried in darkness
Tethered to its roots
You were always meant to fly
To dance in the arms of the stars

Recorded Poetry Series – Early

I have resumed my recorded poetry series with another poem originally published in Wildflower Muse, in 2016.  It’s called, “Early”  If you like, you can read it here. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel, if you would like to hear more of my recorded poetry series.

The Furious Gazelle

The Furious Gazelle is having a spring contest, free to enter and you could get some money!  They publish some really great, edgy stuff and I encourage everyone to take a shot and enter the contest!  You have until June 1.  Why not take a shot!!!!

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