I hate to admit it, but I have moments of intolerance for truly benign things, and I have missed out because of these lapses in judgement. The good thing is that when I brush the intolerance from my eyes and allow myself to move past my petty crap, I often discover something great, and get a learning opportunity that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. This happened recently with something that ended up changing my life, and maybe even saving it.

I wrote a couple of days ago about exercise and depression, and specifically how I re-discovered the restorative powers of dance. Today, I am going to do something I never do. I am going to make a recommendation with whole hearted, full bodied exuberance. You may wonder what this has to do with intolerance; it’s so petty and ridiculous, I am hesitant to share it, but the good end result has been so good, I choose to share how I arrived at an ardent love for Apple Fitness!

More than a year ago, Joe and I got new apple watches and with the purchases came 3 months of free Apple Fitness. I tried yoga, which made me feel about 150 years old. I tried a dance workout, which I found impossible to follow, and I tried some of the beginners workouts, which I could do (barely), but still made me feel discouraged. I remembered what I used to be able to do, before weight gain and menopause, and I felt defeated. I sat back down on the couch.

Periodically, I would return to the beginners workouts, but I never stuck with it. Then, Joe and I were watching one of the Apple specials and they talked about new beginners workouts for dance (there hadn’t been any beginner dance workouts prior to the announcement). I had really liked dance video workouts in the past, when I was younger and much fitter, so I was excited about trying the beginner dance workouts with Apple Fitness. I thought maybe the beginner classes would be easier for me to follow.

There are 3 dance trainers. Ben, La Shawn, and Jhon. And, no that isn’t a typo. He spells his name Jhon. This is where the ridiculous intolerance comes in. When I had tried the one dance workout before the availability of the beginner series, I refused to try his class because of the way he spelled his name. When I went to the beginners section, I saw that his was the first workout of three from the three dance trainers, so I decided to stop being petty and stupid, said to myself (out loud) “what the hell”, and pressed play. I LOVE Jhon!!!! He is my one and only Apple Fitness dance trainer! He is super fun, an excellent teacher, and a great dancer. He does a lot of latin dance workouts and I love the music and have downloaded a ton of it. Dancing with him got me interested in trying other kinds of workouts, so now I do strength training almost every day as well. The strength trainers are all great, but I adore Sam! She is strong and confident and really motivates me. Recently, I also incorporated yoga and I am loving it. My body has changed, but more importantly, I feel stronger and more confident about physically navigating the world.

So, here is the big sell!!! I cannot recommend Apple Fitness enough! There are so many trainers and they are all great, truly someone for everyone! There are workouts for beginners, older people, and even pregnant women. It is an ideal program for introverts or people who can’t get out to go to gyms or have walks or runs, or just aren’t into the whole live class thing. It has truly changed my life!!!!

Time to go dance with Jhon!!!!!!!!!