2 years and 2 days ago, my first book, “Things My Mother Left Behind”, published by the incredible Potter’s Grove Press, was released into the world. I was, have been, and continue to be, both grateful for the support and kindness surrounding the collection, and in a state of disbelief that I actually wrote a book and someone wanted to publish it. Even though I have a second book coming out, all of the feelings surrounding my first book haven’t lessened. I had the privilege of being able to write poems about my life experiences, in honest, vulnerable and painful ways, and share those poems with other’s. I am incredibly lucky.

“Tiger Lily” (published by JC Studio Press), is my voice, but not mine alone. It was a very different journey from the one I embarked on with “Things My Mother Left Behind”. “Tiger Lily” is an expression of the relationship between visual art and words; a relationship that inspired me to not only dig deep into my own experiences, but also get out of my head to find magical and unexpected stories.

It’s just four weeks until the launch of “Tiger Lily”, an ekphrastic collaboration by artist Jane Cornwell and myself, and I am super excited to share the second of 5 preview pieces! I hope you enjoy!