It seems every time I open my blog in the past couple of years, it is full of cobwebs and I feel the need to apologise for my absence, but then realise my absence doesn’t really matter. Life in the blog world moves forward and great things are being written every day, new shadows explored, new voices discovered. The WP community doesn’t need me, but I miss the WP community. I miss the writing and the reading, the camaraderie and the interaction. The good thing is that I know I can come back to reconnect, share my stories and make new discoveries of my own.

I am returning this time, steeped in a whole new life; one I still don’t entirely have a grasp of. I find myself waking into a dream every day, wondering where I fit and in which direction I should turn. I am amazed by the beauty around me, the kindness, the quiet. I revel in it, but I am not sure I belong. I have lived on the edge of a knife for so long.

I am in transition, but not in stasis. I have been writing. I have figured out that I am actually a writer, that I love the process and the magic of it, that I connect with the identity of being a writer, and the struggle. It is nice to feel the creative part of myself in a way I haven’t been able to in the past. I don’t think I will ever be free of the imposter syndrome (it comes with the territory), but I will hold onto the slices of time that offer me clarity and ground me, if only temporarily.

Of course I can’t make a return without sharing some poetry, and news of something exciting on the horizon. In June, I had the absolute honour of having two of my poems published in Dark Winter, the extraordinary new journal created by Suzanne Craig – Wyhtock. It you are interested in reading my poems, you can do so here.

I also have a new website, designed by my amazing husband, Joe Richardson! If you are looking to have a gorgeous website, he is the designer for you!

My bit of news on the horizon, is that I have a book coming out on 19, August (my Mom’s birthday). The book is an ekphrastic collaboration with artist Jane Cornwell, titled “Tiger Lily”. Working collaboratively has been an immensely rewarding experience, and I hope to be able to do it again. “Tiger Lily” is like no other project I have worked on and I am incredibly excited for it to be out in the world.

In the five weeks leading up to the launch, Jane and I will be sharing pieces from the book; today we are sharing a piece titled, “Mermaids are Real”. I hope you enjoy it and come back next Friday for another sneak peek.