Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


July 2020

A Vibrant Whirlwind

I feel as if I am caught up in a vibrant whirlwind, a state of elation and disbelief. To have my words out in the world, to see my book in the hands of people I care about, is a... Continue Reading →

Things My Mother Left Behind – Release Day!

Excited doesn’t begin to describe what I am feeling today! Thank you, River, for making a life long dream come true!!!!

Potter's Grove Press

We are happy to announce the release of Susan Richardson’s poetry collection, Things My Mother Left Behind.

Available in eBook or paperback from Amazon. Here is a universal link to purchase.

Or, if you would like to purchase a signed copy directly from the author, click here.

Thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered the eBook or purchased the paperback.

In celebration of release day, Susan will be holding a live reading this evening on Facebook. It would be greatly appreciated if you could stop by and show her some support.

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Book Launch and Poetry Reading

I know that Tuesday will be here sooner than I can imagine, that I will be holding a copy of my book in my hands, reading poems from it's pages, still feeling as if it is all happening to someone... Continue Reading →

Where Sound Disappears

As I prepare for my reading on July 14th, I thought I would post the final recorded poem from the series originally published in The Writing DisorderPoetry. If you are a writer who is interested in submitting your work to... Continue Reading →

Darkness and Light and “Things My Mother Left Behind”

In just 6 days, my debut poetry collection, "Things My Mother Left Behind", (from Potter's Grove Press), will be officially out in the world. My heart and mind, my secrets and fears, will be in the hands of friends, and... Continue Reading →

Carrie Ann Golden’s Interview Series

I am thrilled and honored to have been asked to be a part of Carrie Ann Golden's Interview Series. Carrie Ann did a guest post here on my blog and I adore her and her writing. This truly is an... Continue Reading →


My Recorded Poetry Series continues with,"Travertine", the fourth of five poems originally published in The Writing Disorder.

Paper Moon

Exquisite poetry from Angela.

Heart Breathings

we wake to an odd familiarity,
more said these days than not,
single cup coffees brewing in succession as the morning begins its foreshadowed burn,
the dew’s moist breath hanging the tall oaks with fog,
and the air standing nearly still except for the slow flap of the robins’ wings lifting from the treetops

Ma sits at the old kitchen table,
sipping her coffee while leaning forward in her everyday chair,
telling stories as the sun rises,
some of them her favorites, echoes I’ve heard so many times before,
while others are surprises, custom cut-outs of time that needed somewhere to go,
so I listen, absorbing them through my skin,
nodding all the while

in the afternoon, I busy myself as she rests,
tidying and organizing and cleaning,
doing the shopping and the cooking,
all the things I hope will help ease the day-to-day business of living

at nightfall, we…

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Live Virtual Reading #Fledge

Jonathan Humble is one of my favorite contemporary poets; a true master of the craft. I am super excited for the release of his book and for this reading!!!

Jonathan Humble

jhMarsden1Hello Poetry World.

On Friday 31st July 2020, at 7:00 pm (18:00 GMT) I will be reading a few poems selected from my collection Fledge, which is being published by Maytree Press on the same day.

This reading will be on Facebook live and is available to watch for free.

If you’d like to watch and don’t mind being pestered to buy a copy (£7.50 to include P.&P. but no obligation to buy of course) then you would be more than welcome to drop in. The Facebook link is below …


Jonathan 🙂 x

Click >>> HERE

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