Day Fourteen of Paul’s Ekphrastic Challenge. I am feeling in awe of and inspired by these artists!

The Wombwell Rainbow

8The Blue Mosque

Handsome, yet scarred,
wearing earth quake’s marks,
it still stands, with missing parts – proud.

It is translation, prayer to tile,
then back again, inscribed
into fine art beneath a trained eye.

The guide will tell you of the best examples,
of Kufic and Thuluth scripts,
housed in arabesque and geometric patterns.

But all you will feel is the presence
of the gathering, in the cauldron space,
the knees that touch the earth.

Bow your head, and pray,
even though you don’t usually.
Like a handsome stranger, this place

does something to you,
beneath lofty domes,
Mithra’s wheel still turns.

-Ali Jones

Creative Spaces

Before our babies were born
And we walked through
Sun-drenched fields,
And damp woodland trails,
When time was free,

I was always searching.
You were always finding me.
You often stopped to make sure
I followed,
Reminded me to
Keep my gaze upward.

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