I am feeling incredibly challenged right now, but determined to continue to meet this poetic challenge in the best way I can each day. It’s day thirteen!

The Wombwell Rainbow


Descent is never easy.
Sometimes, it’s a
Slow-motion sensation.
Though the ground is drawing near, and
That familiar sinking feeling settles in,
It’s not welcome.
Descent becomes denial.
“Keep looking up!”
We tell ourselves and each other.
But all the searching skyward can’t deny gravity its pull.
The mind is forced to
Meet the body in a downward lull.
Earth finally doesn’t
Feel so low, again.
And the heart remembers ascension
Was never about rising,
But transformation.


You Meet

eternity in a shopping queue
if you don’t keep your distance.

Eternity in the hand,
or in the change in it.

Eternity in the unthinking
person who brushes past,

their eye on the goal
of an item missed.

Despite your precautions.
your gloves and mask.

Don’t steer your plane into clouds.
Many hide a mountainside.

-Paul Brookes

Stream of Consciousness from a Moonless Sky

The stars are falling…

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