Posting day eight a bit late, but oh my god, day eight!!!!!

The Wombwell Rainbow

14Spring Step

When I first learnt about Goddesses,
I was impressed – especially with Flora
who could seed flowers
as she stepped.

I liked how Boticelli saw her,
wearing a living gown,
holding her gaze.
I was never so sure about the festivals,

Hunting goats and hare,
the sacrifice of white female beasts,
The blood on the earth
of the clean white temple.

I think Flora would prefer
a religion of the green thumb,
where worship goes into the garden
wielding a trowel.

Where each small action
becomes a prayer.
Sometime I think I see her watching me
through the knots

in the trunk of the silver birch,
always reaching out to me,
in moments when sky fills my head –
urging me to bloom.

-Ali Jones

Where Feet Trod

Lead on.
Take my body
Wherever I must go.
Through pleasant,
Flowered-fields, and
Rocky trails also.
Why we walk there,

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