Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


April 2019

My Husband is a Genius

I am super excited!  I have a WEBSITE, an actual website with pictures and everything!  I feel like a real grown up writer, and the best part of it is that my husband, Joe, imagined, designed and created it.  He... Continue Reading →

How We See Ourselves

Sarah is an extraordinary writer and an amazing woman. In writing about ballet, she shares wisdom about what it is to be alive, about life itself. I am grateful for her friendship and for the beauty she brings into the world.

On the Way to the Barre

Sarah Doudna

Ballet studios all have mirrors to help us learn to dance. When you look in the mirror, be kind to yourself no matter what vision you see staring back at you. Even if you are a professional or you have been at this for years, or feel you should “know better” or “look better” or “be better” than you perceive yourself to be, calm those voices, turn their volume down, change the channel. Even if you are brand new, unsure, scared, still learning, or think you are too old for this, it’s going to be okay. You risked the subway, the highway, and made your way here. Trust me, if you feel called to dance, you belong.

Believe it or not, the mirror is there to help you, it is not a instrument of torture. Use the mirror to remind yourself of the choreography. Use it to watch the teacher…

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Little House (For Kat)

I am continuing my recorded poetry series with another poem that was originally published in Wildflower Muse.  Heather put out a submission call for work related to the theme of music, and "Little House (for Kat)" was what came from... Continue Reading →

The Weight of it All

I feel sad.  It sounds so simple, weighs so much.  I have watched the world crumble so many times, watched the people I love suffer and fade.  I have pretended the ground is solid, to help others feel less afraid.... Continue Reading →

Feet of Clay

The next poem in my recorded poetry series is another one from Wildflower Muse, published it 2016.  It is called, "Feet of Clay" and can be read here, if you'd like to read it. If you are interested in listening... Continue Reading →

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