This is the official beginning of my Recorded Poetry Series.  I am starting with a poem that I have posted here on the blog, numerous times; in fact, the very first version of it was here, but it was also the poem that began my relationship with an amazing editor, Heather Lenz, and marked my reconnection with poetry and a writing life.   This version is from the official Stepping Stones publication in 2015.  The poem is called, “Twenty Five”

Twenty Five

Twenty- five years ago, I watched strangers
lower my mother’s body into the ground.
It was raining that day.
The soil swallowed up her oak and pink satin casket.
Heavy.  Cold.
Not a place for a woman whose laugh lit up rooms,
whose touch soothed even the deepest aches.
My breath and heart plummeted into the hollow earth and
I broke into pieces that scattered in the rain.
For twenty- five years I have been collecting them.



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