Sometimes, just when you need it, someone gives you a different view, shines a light in a new direction. The Stories In Between has done this for me with this absolutely amazing gift. He is a writer whose work I have been inspired by over and over again. He is one of my favorite writers and to know I have inspired him…well, it just doesn’t get cooler than that. To say thank you seems pale, but I know he can see all the degrees of color that comprise my gratitude.

The Stories In Between

I sat at the edge of something, contemplating anything.  Like so many times before, I try to look up, but could only stare down into the cascading darkness beneath my dangling feet.  As I lost myself in the contemplations of the day, a figure appeared beside me. In one hand it held a flower, and in the other, a bottle of ink.

“There are many things which do not make sense to me,” the figure spoke, looking at the objects in his hands.

A woman came into sight from the west and grudgingly made her way to the figure.

“These belong to you.” The figure held up the flower, then bottle and tossed them into the darkness.

“I’m not going down there,” the woman insisted.

“You have to.  It’s not a choice.”

“I’m afraid.”

“I know you are.” The figure kissed the woman on the forehead and pushed her over…

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