The results of the super fun Haiku Challenge from Vita Brevis are in! Congratulations to Hélène Vaillant on her gorgeous winning haiku! I am thrilled to have found this wonderfully supportive and talented community!

Vita Brevis

Quick Announcements

You’re the best! I’m glad everyone enjoyed our second Haiku contest, and I’d like to personally thank all of you who left such thoughtful responses on other submitters’ haiku–that’s what this is really about. We all know how good it feels to receive feedback on our work. Good on you for giving that to others, and thanks for making this so fun!

I’d like to recognize a few honorable mentions before announcing the “winning” haiku:

Six (of many) Notable Mentions:

Submitted by Spiral Artist

The Nudity of Bandages
Heart in my wounded hand,
she bares her skin and shivers:
such grace in old scars.

Submitted by  Christopher Perry

On Autumn
Dry leaves falling
Silently on sunlit church
Tears cleanse the path home

Submitted by Poetry Science

On this Earth
On this earth I’ve found
In even bitter winters
A warm summer’s day.

Submitted by floweringink

I swallow…

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