A.G.’s writing is some of the most lush, layered, masterful and beautiful that I have ever read. He has a power over language that is enviable. There are some writers that just need to be read and he is one of them.



Self-proclaimed, self-aggrandizing
self-published, selling yourself
for a shot at infamy ā€“ you still have it in for me

Who am I?
you ask sheathed in traced
words languished by voracious artifice
remixed for myopic consumers
I watch you milk death and brand it catharsis; canvassing for the masses

I am an intervention
I cook doubt like a junkie and drip it slowly..

into your marrow

I rip you away from your warm bed
and leave you stripped naked
on the side of the road; chalked
out of line
As I drain your ink & slip back down into the gutter
like a rat
blowing an inaudible whistle

Who am I?
Iā€™m the Punkture gaping your ego
an aberrant- carved
out of failure & disappointment
I bask in rejection
while you prance around with
counterfeit applause

Who am I?
Iā€™m the fucking TRUTH

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