I had a walk in the rain (more a drizzle really) and cleared my head a bit.  With the rain and some support and encouragement and laughter (and a bit of trout), I am climbing out from under the pile of rejections.

I say, Fuck Them.  Fuck those faceless editors who don’t appreciate my writing.  Fuck you, rejections.

The only one who can stop me writing is me, but I choose to keep writing.  I choose to do it because I love it and because the good that comes from it so far outweighs the sadness that comes from rejections.

I am reinvigorating my mantra, telling myself what I tell others.  Rejections happen.  It is all subjective, and where there is one editor who doesn’t get what you are trying to do, another one will totally get it.  And, at the end of the day, even though getting published feels good, it isn’t about the publication credits, it is about the writing.

Thank you for helping me get my perspective back….you know you who are!!!!!!!