Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


April 2018

Ink Sweat & Tears March Pick of the Month!

My poem, "Letches", is the IS&T March Pick of the Month!!!!!!! I am beyond excited and dancing on the moon!!!!! Also, I can't deny, in a bit of a state of disbelief!  This is the biggest thing to happen to... Continue Reading →

Poetry that Breaks you Apart

I recently discovered a poet whose use of language is so powerful, it stops my heart.  Clara Burghelea's poetry breaks you apart and takes you into the minutiae of pulse and breath.  Her work is extraordinary. Yesterday, one of her... Continue Reading →

Hiking With Dogs (A Rant)

There is a popular hiking spot near my apartment.  It is a walk up into the Hollywood Hills and then about 2 more miles up a path that has been carved into the mountain.  There are a lot of beautiful... Continue Reading →

One More Day

I have been immersed in working on some pretty intense poems this week, which is both incredibly gratifying and exhausting.  I finally finished and sent them out and now I can breathe for a bit.  I am going to return... Continue Reading →

Angela’s Heart Breathings

During my time in this amazing virtual community, I have had the pleasure of reading some extraordinary poetry, from poets all over the globe.  There is no way I could honor all of them in just a month, but I... Continue Reading →

My Poem”Letches” Shortlisted for IS&T Pick of the Month

I just got an email that shot me over the moon and under the sea and back into the heart of the stars!  In March, my poem, "Letches" was published in Ink Sweat & Tears; it was a huge honor... Continue Reading →

For You My Friend

I am posting this poem for an extraordinary and beautiful new friend.  You know who you are.  My heart and love are with you today. Sono's Death Poem Don’t just stand there with your hair turning gray, Soon enough the... Continue Reading →

Sidlak Poetry – Take II

A while ago, I put out a post about Sidlak Poetry.  I learned of it from a blog I read and was incredibly excited to give it a try.  In usual form, I didn't follow the rules, or understand them.... Continue Reading →

The Flip Side

Ironically, given that this is National Poetry Month, this post is not about poetry (they can't all be), and it may not be particularly poetic.  I just finished and submitted one of the most personal poems I have ever written,... Continue Reading →

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