It is hard to find words to describe Kim.  She is electrifying.  Kim is bold, strong, hysterically funny, brazen, smart as hell, the epitome of a tough cookie, and through constant pain and facing seemingly endless adversity, she wrote a book, she writes for more than one blog, and she makes everyone who meets her feel like they are special! She has an incredible history and is a fantastic story-teller.  She is caring, compassionate and beautiful. She is a total firecracker. You will love her blog!

And, I discovered that Kim has been hiding something from all of us…..Kim is a poet!

It began with the acceptance of a challenge to write a Sidlak poem, then a Love Poem in response to the Where I’m From adventure, and then Kim led me to another poem she wrote which was published in The Immortal Arts.  It is a heart wrenching poem, simple yet heavy with sadness.  It is the capturing of a moment in grief.  It is beautiful.

A Poem by K. Lynel

I walk down the familiar corridor
Their eyes meet mine then search the floor.
Even though they called for me
They cry.

I suck in my breath, my shoulders pull back
My father is seated in a white plastic chair.
My brother is quiet, he has gone
He is no longer here.

I kiss his brow, cold and salty
His eyes no longer search for me.
I whisper go home now, you are well
And you are free

I reach out to my father saying we must go
Kory is not here anymore, he is home.
I feel my breath betray me as I shutter,
And finally, I cry.