During my time in this amazing virtual community, I have had the pleasure of reading some extraordinary poetry, from poets all over the globe.  There is no way I could honor all of them in just a month, but I want to dedicate some of National Poetry Month to the poets whose work I found through the blogging world.

Angela has a story somewhat similar to my own.  She wrote when she was younger, and then life happened and she stepped away from the page, but has now returned.  I am so glad she has.  She tells it better than I do:

“About four years ago, I began the process of unbecoming, of shedding the layers of expectation. Of getting lost so I could be found, of asking the right questions so I could find comfort in the being lost. Of just being me.”

The other day, I came across her poem,“Dust”, and had one of those moments of joy when you read a poem, and everything about it feels right, every word, every image.  It is a rhyming poem, which is very difficult to do well, but when done right, can be magical. “Dust” is what I call a little parcel of perfection! It was inspired by a visual prompt, which you can see from the link above, but I think the poem stands beautifully on it’s own.


what of dust, of fortune telling,
of lightning coming too soon?
what will I become?, I wondered,
whispering to the moon

she told me I already know,
I know from where I came;
the rest is right in front of me,
try dusting off my name

“Dust” is just one of Angela’s beautiful poems; her work is extraordinarily diverse, and I recommend that you visit her site and read all of her gorgeous poetry!