One of the best things about being a poet is finding other contemporary poets whose work inspires and electrifies you; work that makes you want to be a better writer.  It is why I began Poetry Month by introducing one of my favorite poets, Brandewijn (Wulf)!

As the month continues, I want to continue to introduce poets who I feel are igniting the world of poetry.  Poets who are masters of language, emotion and imagery.

Today, that poet is Natalie Crick.  Natalie is not new to the world of poetry, but I just discovered her last year.  I had the honor of having one of my poems in a magazine with one of her’s, and I fell in love with her work.  Her poems get under your skin and sink into your bones.  Her power over language is astounding.

This morning, I was lucky to read three of her poems in the journal ISACOUSTIC* .  Please check them out. They are extraordinary!