I love a writing challenge.  This post is in response to a very special challenge born from an extraordinary poem written by Brooke. The challenge was then passed to Tom, who rose brilliantly to the occasion.  Tom passed the cup to Wulf who wove a piece of magic, and then invited me to participate. I am a bit intimidated to be in the wake of some truly extraordinary writing, but more than that I am honored to be a part of something that has been so inspiring and illuminating.

From Waves

I am from the bones of peasants

From the depth of emeralds and glasses of whiskey

I am from the throats of storytellers

and coal miners buried in the roots of trees

I am from guitar strings that pay homage to

hurricanes raging in bellies of lead

From piano keys and jazz riffs winding

into the mouths of sleeping villages


I come from the waves

Born into battle, too small and too soon

From fragments and  the failure to fix a marriage

 broken by deceit

I am from sadness, nestled in the arms of sea spray

Witness to the sorrows of unrequited identity


I am from a maze of broken threads

and latch keys hidden in the beds of snap dragons

I am from holidays divided

Every other weekend and dinners on Wednesdays

I am from tumbling down sand dunes

Swan dives and death drops and somersaults over shards of glass

I am from hours underwater

Believing in mermaids and rising from the deep end


I am from white glove tests covered in blood

China dolls shattered by rage and disease

I am from coming unhinged

From falling into bottles of booze

I am from Prozac and Xanax and the art of escape


I am from the love song of a mad woman who eats men like air

From magic ignited in the kitchen of a bone setters daughter

I am from the fabric of language

The pulse of words woven into what it means to be alive


I am from climbing out of darkness

A rebellion, a roaring to stand and be heard

I am from true love the second time around

From sleuthing and laughter and sharing scars

I am from the discovery of hope

From seeing through blindness and finding a voice.


This was most definitely challenging, but incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun.  Thank you Brooke for igniting something magical.

Now it’s my turn to pass the cup and I pass it to the Fierce Fire of Gorgeousness that is Bojana.