Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


March 2018

That Kind of Day

I had leftover sweet potato fries for lunch.  Yeah, it's that kind of day.  I can't focus.  The city is bumpy and screeching outside my windows and I can smell summer approaching. I know that spring has only recently officially... Continue Reading →

A Guest in Someone Else’s Home

When I discovered Steve's blog, MSich Chronicles, I was an instant fan, of Steve and of his writing.  So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when Steve asked if I would write a guest post for his blog.  This... Continue Reading →


I have read some extraordinary poems lately.  Poems by people I have grown to know and care about, poems by people I am just getting to know and poems by people I will only ever know through their poetry. Many... Continue Reading →

The Writing Disorder

I am super excited to have 5 of my poems in The Writing Disorder!  


I am so incredibly excited today to have one of my poems in Ink Sweat & Tears. Helen Ivory is publishing some amazing contemporary poetry, and to have my words next to those of so many truly talented poets, is... Continue Reading →

The Irishman

I don't often write love poems.  I have written only a handful and they are all about one person. He is a man who has Ireland running through his blood and a heart that beats with a strength and rhythm... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Do Sick Well

I am sick.  Nothing serious, just a cold that won't seem to go away, but I don't do sick well.  No one likes being sick, I get that, but when I get a cold, I act like the world is... Continue Reading →

Adding My Voice to the Mix

I have been wanting to, and feeling afraid to, write this post.  I wasn't going to write it today; I was going to write about being sick and how I have been sick the past few days and how I... Continue Reading →


I am so excited to see my poem, "Earthquake", in Foxglove Journal today.  My huge thanks go out to editor Elizabeth Gibson.

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