I knew exactly what todays post was going to be, but yesterday turned out to be an amazing and unexpected day that I couldn’t wait to write about. I woke up like usual, at 4am, fed the animals, made tea for my husband and coffee for myself.  And, then I sat down to read.  I start every day reading other people’s blogs.  There is a writer who comments on a lot of the blogs I read and yesterday I visited his blog, Brandewijn Words, and commented on a poem he wrote, “Message in a Bottle”. A beautiful poem that I was to discover was just one of an amazing body of work. We got to talking a bit about poetry and Rush and then he started reading my blog, really reading it.

Brandewulf does something he calls a “deep dive”.  I hadn’t heard about his deep dives until the other day, from another blog post, “The Words of the Wulf“, from Tom being Tom. In a deep dive, Brandewulf reads a blog from its inception, from the very first post to the present.  I am immensely honored and grateful that Brandewulf has chosen Stories from the Edge of Blindness for one of his deep dives.  It is an amazing thing for a person to give the kind of time and thought that Brandewulf gives to his deep dives; and with my blog, it is a fairly herculean task, given that I started Stories from the Edge of Blindness in 2010.

This is perhaps the greatest gift that I have received as a writer.  I get to see my own story and my writing through new eyes, but I also get to explore the brilliant writing and thoughts of Brandewulf, in my own deep dive.  Brandewulf’s poetry is exquisite.  I have only skimmed the surface of his blog, but everything I have read so far, both poetry and prose, takes flight.  His command of language is incredible.  His poetry has wings and movement and an undeniable musicality.

Brandewulf is also a huge (and I think that is putting it mildly) Rush fan.  I think I am going to learn a lot about Rush in the days to come, as I read his blog.  I have always liked Rush, but I am only really familiar with the more well known songs.  So, Brandewulf, sorry about the obviousness of the following lyrics, but I think they are a good description of what I understand a deep dive to be: an opportunity to honor your fascination, to be fearless in relating to others,explore what lies beneath and to enhance your state of being.

 Those who wish to be

Must put aside the alienation 

Get on with the fascination

The real relation

The underlying theme

Thank you for this incredible gift!