I woke up this morning to find that my first ever published short story was posted last night on Sick Lit Magazine. I hadn’t written a short story since I was a kid, so this piece is way out of my comfort zone, and I am super excited it has been published.

I want to thank Kelly, the editor of SLM, for bringing me into the fold of the SLM world.

My story was written in response to the following prompt:

The theme (writing prompt, rather) is: You wake up 500 years in the future. Through your protagonist, show how and what it is like. Imagine that your protagonist has been in a coma and is waking up to see what the world is like 500 years from now. This will make ALL submissions different from one another; no two will be alike. It will show me your writing style, your outlook, your tone, and your ability to make strong, defined characters by how you interpret this writing prompt.

Here it is:  The Leaf