Since Joe and I have embarked on this getting up at 4am thing, the second dog walk of the day is around 8 or 9, and I like to take the girls to the park if the temperature is still cool.  Today was particularly nice, not even 70 degrees, and I had hoped to spend a little longer than usual at the park.

As we headed down our most commonly utilized route, I saw a dog approaching that we didn’t know, so I decided to take a detour around to the back entrance of the park.  It is a bit further, but the street we walk down is quiet and the back of the park is often peaceful and fairly uninhabited.

When the park came into view, I saw that the area we were heading toward looked empty: at least I didn’t see anyone or any dogs inside my not so trustworthy field of vision.  The pugs were happily sniffing everything in sight – a few grossly unidentifiable things that they had to be pulled away from – and generally having a fabulous time.  We don’t often walk down this street, so everything must have smelled new and exciting to them.

When we walked into the park, I  noticed a young guy coming toward us, down the ramp that connects 2 small lawns to the larger park area.  He was walking fast and looking over his shoulder every few seconds as if he were being followed.  He was a slight guy with very skinny arms and legs.  He wore black shorts that were tattered and falling off his narrow hips; his white t-shirt was barren, torn, and covered in dirt.  The whites of his eyes blazed in my direction as he realized he wasn’t alone.

He sped up and in seconds was right next to me.  He paused, careened his head in my direction and shouted at the top of his lungs,” YOU FUCKING BITCH”.  He balled his hands into fists, turned and ran out of the park.

I checked to make sure that my pugs weren’t traumatized by his outburst, and after giving them treats for being good, sweet girls who knew not to provoke the crazy guy with a bunch of barking, I walked toward the ramp to the main park.  There was a man on his cell phone, talking to the police and giving a detailed description of the guy who had shouted at me.  He continued on after the guy and I continued into the park, where everyone I saw stood quietly, looking completely stunned. Crazy guy had clearly been leaving piles of his psychotic vibrato all over the park.