Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


August 2017

Avoiding Goodbyes

I was supposed to have my final lesson with Tamar yesterday, but I woke up feeling a sort of jet lag that resembled flu or an unfortunate hangover. Joe has started a new shift at work and we are now... Continue Reading →


Last night, Joe and I were watching a BBC show about the history of some of the most famous and influential castles in England.  We love these kinds of programs and I have felt a connection to that part of... Continue Reading →

Poem in Chantarelle’s Notebook

I am thrilled to be included in Issue #41 of Chantarelle's Notebook!

#9 Winding Down

Tamar and I are nearing the end of our time together and soon, she will leave Zelda and I on our own.  I tried to think of ways to keep doing the lessons, but it is clear that she has... Continue Reading →


So far, Zelda and I have encountered mostly courteous and friendly people, some helpful and some indifferent.  I have been using her more frequently and giving myself over to the reality of her place in my life and the confidence... Continue Reading →

#8 Blindfolded

Tamar and I got right to work today.  I had a pretty good week with Zelda and I was running late this morning and screwed up Tamar's schedule a bit, so no need or time for a therapy session; I... Continue Reading →

#7 Off-Roading with Zelda and Tamar

I have officially graduated from my lessons at the Braille Institute; Tamar came over to my house today and we have begun our lessons out in the (mostly) sighted world.  Although I have been using Zelda when I am out... Continue Reading →

A Week Off

I took a break from O&M this week; my determination has fallen somewhere beneath my feet and I needed to find it.  I am still struggling with feelings of being a fraud, but whenever those thoughts creep up, I can... Continue Reading →

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