When you are hopelessly undisciplined like I am, you eventually have to remove the distractions that you have clung to so desperately.  So, today I unplugged from Facebook and Etsy and the games on my iPhone.  I decided that it is time for me to stop living through the lives of other people via social network and to start writing like I have been promising to do for years.  I keep telling my husband that I am going to get my poetry collection done and my memoir written and instead all I do is disappear into Facebook and sit in a bath of futility hoping that if I wait long enough, I will eventually arrive.

I feel good about my decision to untangle myself; the truth is that Facebook often just felt like a reminder that I am living in a silent and darkening cave, pretending to be someone who I wish I could be instead of being the person that I actually am.  I am a writer who has forgotten how to write, how to see and how to live.  Today, I take steps that I hope will create positive change in my life and get me doing what I know in my heart I am supposed to do.