There are so many things that have to be done to prepare for bringing a puppy home. The house has to be puppy proofed so she won’t get into cupboards she shouldn’t and all the necessities have to be purchased, like food and bowls and toys and a harness and a leash and a crate and beds and the list goes on.  If you have RP and are partially sighted, there is a whole other set of considerations and extra things that have to be acquired to make sure that the puppy will be safe.

When we started talking about getting a dog and then specifically Blossom ( she is a ten week old pug puppy that we rescued from a great local rescue organization called Pug Nation), I had to think about what it would be like being partially sighted and responsible for a dog.  I decided that I was up to the task and that I wasn’t going to let RP get in the way of something I had dreamed about for a very long time.  I knew that my two major issues would be keeping visual track of her while she tears around the house and being able to see her when walking her outside.

Inside, I knew that I would have to rely heavily on my hearing to keep tabs on her whereabouts; thankfully, pugs are cute little snorters and I can hear her sniffing around when I can’t see her.  I will also be getting a little bell to attach to her harness so I can hear the bell when she is moving around.  Sometimes, I do lose track of her because she is super fast, but it doesn’t happen often.  This experience is teaching me how adept I have become at being hyper aware of my surroundings and keeping what I have left of my sight, “peeled”.

We haven’t been able to tackle the outside issue yet because Blossom still has to get her final series of shots, but I am ready for it when the time comes.  I bought an array of baseball caps to help protect my eyes from the sun when I am walking her and I will take it slow and always keep her on leash.  I will make sure she is always safe.

We have only had Blossom a week, but she has already changed our lives in the most amazing way.  I love my new little girl and I look forward to all the amazing years we will have together.