In an earlier post, I wrote about an event sponsored by the Foundation Fighting Blindness called Vision Walk.  I also posted, a while back, about my Etsy shop.  Well, I thought I would mesh the two and see if I could get some money for the foundation through my creative work.  So, from now until October 21, 15% of all the proceeds from my Etsy Shop, FloweringInk Plays With Yarn, will go to the Los Angeles Vision Walk. I figured it would be a great way for people to start their holiday shopping; get some cool and affordable hand-made gifts and give money to a really good cause, all in one go.

I really do believe in the work that the FFB does and I think there will be treatment for RP in my lifetime.  I, for one, think it would be pretty damn great to be able to see the world, around me literally, again.