The appointment with my RP Specialist yesterday rendered an extremely positive outcome.  He told me that the disease hasn’t progressed in the two years since I last saw him, which means that my vision has been stable for 7 years.  I felt such relief after a week of feeling so afraid.  I shed a tear and showered Dr. Sarraf with gratitude. I  felt the tension drain from my body.

Dr. Saraaf also told me something I hadn’t heard before.  I asked him if I was just lucky that my RP progression has been so slow and he told me I may have a milder form of the disease.  He said that some forms are very aggressive and others progress very slowly.  I felt lucky when he relayed this information; lucky that in the world of RP, I have been given extra time with my eyes.

Now, I will wait for what the next two years brings and hope that I continue to be lucky.