Stories From the Edge of Blindness

In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.


July 2012

Between the Barbs

While reading over some of my more recent posts, I kind of wanted to tell myself to stop bitching.  I suppose that I have been in a bit of a barbed mood lately, but there are wonderful things that happen... Continue Reading →

I Feel Sweaty, Oh So Sweaty

After I surrendered my driver's license and was forced to become reliant on the completely unreliable transit system in Los Angeles, I  discovered that my days of dressing up and actually arriving places looking and feeling nice had disappeared right... Continue Reading →

Elation Eludes Me

I think I am seriously messed up.  I feel as if I should be elated to have learned that my RP is progressing so slowly, but instead I am feeling despondent.    It isn't as if I wanted to hear... Continue Reading →

Still Stable After All These Years

The appointment with my RP Specialist yesterday rendered an extremely positive outcome.  He told me that the disease hasn't progressed in the two years since I last saw him, which means that my vision has been stable for 7 years. ... Continue Reading →

On Days Like Today

In a few hours I will have my head in a big white dome, pushing a button when I see red lights flash.  I am feeling particularly anxious about my visit to the specialist this year, which I suppose is... Continue Reading →

Silent Disease

I have begun to think of RP as not only an invisible disease but a silent one as well.  I don't generally  have the tendency to feel sorry for myself or to draw a lot of attention to the fact... Continue Reading →

I May or May Not See You in Two Years

Every two years, I go into the Jules Stein Eye Institute to see my retinal specialist.  There is nothing he can do for me except tell me if my remaining retinal cells are intact or if they too are fading... Continue Reading →

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