When I was diagnosed with RP, I remember feeling lucky that I wasn’t a painter or a photographer and that my particular creative outlet wasn’t reliant on my eyes.  I had never been very good at hands on creative expression and I thought perhaps my inability to paint or to capture a clear image on film might have been due to the fact that my eyes probably never worked quite right; although that may be true about taking photographs, I do realize that I can’t draw because my brain just doesn’t work that way.  But, a few years ago I discovered that there was something I can do.  My friend Patricia taught me to crochet and I found that I really love it.  I love putting colors together and designing patterns and I love the feeling of getting something lovely and tangible at the end of the skein.

You may wonder, how that hell does a blind chick make scarves and blankets? Well, it is because this chick is RP blind.  My peripheral vision is shot, but my close up central vision is still pretty good and as it turns out, perfect for something like crocheting.  I know that I won’t be able to do it forever, but I am grateful to be have found another creative outlet.  I get to give people gifts that I have hand-made and I am even making an attempt at selling my creations. If you are interested in seeing what I make you can check out my stuff by clinking on my blogroll link to FloweringInk Plays With Yarn.

I know I will never be a painter or be able to capture images that pierce the soul, but I can make you a blanket to keep you warm.