We all have heroes; people we look up to for their courage, kindness and strength.  One of my heroes was just three years old when I was born.  He is my brother John.

John has always been one of the smartest and sweetest people I have known, but he is also the person who taught me what it means to be truly strong in the face of adversity.  From the time he was a little boy, my brother has been faced with more challenges than you would imagine anyone could handle. He has had too many rare illnesses to mention and through every battle he manages to stay positive.  He keeps his sense of humor and he soldiers on no matter what.  And he survives.

When I was diagnosed with RP, I thought about John and how strong he has remained through all of his hospital stays and mystery illnesses.  I looked to his example to help me weather the storm of the unknown that is RP.  I feel blessed to have him for a brother and so grateful for the strength and support that he has given me.  In the moments when I have felt so alone with my RP and so misunderstood, I have always been able to turn to him knowing that he get’s it….and then some.

I love you big brother.