There are periods of time in the Purgatory of Sight when weeks can pass without event and you seem to be settling as comfortably as possible into your current state of vision.  Then boom, something comes (literally) out of your blank and seemingly empty left field and knocks you flat.  The other night I was working out in my back room (I don’t do the gym thing)  without my glasses on; after a while you learn the routine so well, you don’t have to see the instructor anymore.  I finished the work out, took a shower and settled in for an enlightening evening of American Reality TV, but when I turned the tv on I couldn’t see it.  Well, I couldn’t see all of it.  No matter what channel I turned to or what angle I watched from, the whole left side of the screen was masked in a bright light, obscuring faces and words and colors.  I was terrified.  I started thinking that this was the beginning of total vision loss, or perhaps I was being punished for not wearing my glasses while working out to one of my many DVD’s (which by the way I could see as well as I can see something without my glasses).  So what happened between the workout and the TV?  Was it a sign that I shouldn’t be watching reality TV?  Had I been exposed to toxins in my shower?  Was I getting a sneak peek at what my future was literally going to look like?  I turned off the TV and fell into a mini panic.  What would I do without Top Chef?