Los Angeles for the nearly blind is hardly the city of angels; more like a metropolis of devilish trickery and accidents waiting to happen.

In a city where your car defines you, riding the so called metro is practically unheard of, and so the city treats public transport as an afterthought at best. On most days, you are better off walking, but pedestrians are invisible to most LA drivers, so you run the risk of being mowed down by some star fucker trying to get to their next audition.  When you have RP you are constantly scanning your environment for potential bumps trips and falls; in Los Angeles you have to add the constant lookout for 2 ton metal weapons called hummers that yes, can sneak up out of nowhere when your peripheral vision has almost completely deteriorated.  I used to be a runner, but had to stop running on the streets because I came close to being hit by cars too many times.  So the RP takes the driving, then the running, and leaves the walking but at considerable risk.

The walking risks aren’t only from cars, but also from people.  Los Angeles is a heavily populated city; crowded with narcissism , violence and greed.  It’s residents are often untrusting and untrustworthy and like any big city, it is best to keep your eyes peeled for miscreants.  As you can imagine, keeping your eyes peeled is tricky when you have limited use of them. Now, I will say that over the years I have become pretty adept at scanning my environment, but even I have moments of mind wandering when I am out walking. On more than one occasion I have bumped into people and been scowled at, screamed at and physically threatened.  ” I didn’t fucking see you”, I want to scream.  But I always just apologize and walk on.  There are no giveaways to my blindness; it, like me, is invisible.