On the day of my diagnosis and the sparkly intro to the world of RP, people kept putting drops in my eyes.  Everyone seemed to want to make sure that I had received enough drops to ensure maximum retinal view.  I think I had five rounds of drops total; one set of numbing drops and four sets of dilation drops.  It was the latter set that decided to stick around and fuck with my head for a while.

When I woke up the day after Dx day and my eyes were still sore and my vision was still blurry, I wasn’t surprised and I was preoccupied with my friend Lisa, so I didn’t give it much thought.  That night, going to bed with blurred vision, I figured it must be all the extra drops and that my eyes would be back to  somewhat normal in the morning.  That was not the case that second morning, nor the third, nor the fourth.

After days of wearing sunglasses everywhere I went, outside and inside, including to Lisa’s fathers memorial service, I decided it couldn’t possibly be normal for someones eyes to stay dilated for five days; I called Dr. Heckenlively and he called me back within thirty minutes.  He asked about the extra drops and told me it wasn’t unusual for the eyes to stay dilated for a few days after multiple rounds of drops.

A few days?  Try seven.