Syphilis?  I could have Syphilis rather than a life sentencing, incurable, degenerative blinding disease?  Ok.  I’ll take syphilis.

But of course I didn’t have syphilis; I just wished for it for those few moments.  Can you imagine having a disease that scared you so much, you would wish for an STD to take its place?  Talk about grasping at hope straws.

I can’t remember if my dad took me straight home after the diagnosis or if I had dinner with him.  I don’t remember if I called anyone or if I had a hard time falling asleep. I think I must have been alone.  I remember the day after.

I woke up to a world still blurry and eyes  burning; my pupils were still reeling from the effects of too many rounds of drops. And then my phone rang.  It was my best friend Lisa telling me that her father had died. The RP thing instantly took a back seat.  Even in the thick of it I understood that suddenly losing a father was bigger than losing vision; I would have a lifetime to mourn the gradual death of my eyes.